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03 Sep 2012
BoiseID (PRWEB) One well-used specialty of Spy-Moms.two Moms Private Eyesis taming out-of-control teens. Like themyou can find out exactly what is going on and where it is happening with the bination of these techno gadgets and Mom or Pop’s intuition.full lace wigs We know that these methods can be distasteful and seem over to top to some parents but desperate situations sometimes require extreme methods to secure the safety of our children. . An Auto Trackers with GPS can be placed in or on your teen’s car to discover where it goeshow fast it goeswhere and how long it stopsall tied up in a nice little chart and map. Less expensive models have to be removed from the car and the data downloaded to a puter program but more expensive ones can be viewed in real time.. A more advanced step is to give your teen a Cell Phone Tracker with GPS that will show where your teen’s cell phone is at all timesmonitored on your puter in real time.. Why not apply Ultraviolet Detection Powder that can only be seen by ultraviolet light and will remain on fingers and hands for several days? Items can also be marked with this powder to help identify full lace wigs A more in-your-face approach is to use Visible Detection Powder that turns hands purple when applied to Mom’s walletDad’s car keysor the "secret escape route" out of the house at night. . Spy cameras that are half the size of a dime can be set up at home so you can supervise from your puter at work.. How about easy-to-use Home Drug Test Kits that can be purchased at most drug stores? Urine or hair can be tested and are usually backed up by mail-in drug testing if necessary. These are especially effective if the parent charges the teen for the cost of any negative results.. Let's move in the big gunsTruth Testing technology using either an expensive hour private polygraph test or the new Voice Stress Analysis done in a short phone callwith or without the teen’s knowledge. Many times a confession results before the test bgins. Againthis is more effective if the parent charges the teen for the cost of any negative results.. A product called CheckMatea home testing kit that identifies semen in clothingfurniturecars or wherever. We know this one is nasty and that there are other reasons for testing positive but it can be useful.. A phone recorder that will record both sides of the line and all extensions can reveal a lot to parents. On the low tech sidesometimes a tape recorder placed in the teen’s room is just as good as when your little brother hid one under your bed.Contact information:Mollie Carman and Valerie AgostaHanady Investigations-- Spy-Moms.wholesale full lace wigs info@HanadyInvestigations.


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